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Eureka Wiki is a "living" dictionary and episode guide to the Eureka television series and all official merchandise from the franchise (games, books, DVD...). It is a "living" website, because it can be changed and amended by users. You can add pictures, information, and external links to websites in support of information contained within the Eureka Wiki.

Most of all, Eureka Wiki is a semantic wiki, certainly the first one related to the Eureka universe. Semantic data can be used everywhere in the wiki to make comparison, data grouping and much, much more. To have an idea about the usefulness of semantic data, see the Semantic MediaWiki site, which developed the software used here.

For an idea of what the Eureka Wiki can be with YOUR help, visit the Wikipedia and the Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 for ideas and inspiration.

What is this Wiki About?

Eureka Wiki is a free online encyclopedia and episode guide covering the following Science Fiction Eureka TV series.

Eureka Wiki is aimed to cover everything related to the Eureka franchise. From Jack Carter to Douglas Fargo, etc., the Wiki covers and continues to expand coverage on all things Eureka-related.

This site maintains a strict spoiler policy, but please read it so that you know what should be expected. Please refrain from engaging in acts of vandalism. Violations may result in being blocked by an Admin or a B-crat.

For ideas about how you can help feel free to check out the projects that are being worked on. If you need any help or have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask an admin on their talk page or post your question to the Admins' noticeboard.

Getting started

In order to be able to contribute files to Eureka Wiki, you just need to edit. But a better way is to use an account. for this, just click the "Log in / create account" link in the upper right corner and enter a user name that will be used at all of your contributions.

Present Day

We presently cover all aspects of the Eureka series. You'll find — and can add — information on such items as terminology seen, events that occurred, and characters introduced & developed. We will also furnish a complete and thorough episode guide, a la Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5, to analyze and dissect the episodes from this series. Unlike the Lurker's Guide, contributions are immediate and can be edited without the tedious process of emailing corrections and awaiting the webmaster for an update. Eureka Wiki is hosted on ShoutWiki servers.