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Greg Germann
Image of the person
Biographical informations
Birth name Gregory Andrew Germann
Birth (1958-02-26) February 26, 1958 (age 60)
Houston, Texas, USA
Nationality American
Professional informations
Years active 1998—present
Notable works Richard Fish in Ally McBeal
Eureka universe-related informations
Occupation in Eureka Actor
Character(s) Professor Warren King

Gregory Andrew "Greg" Germann (born February 26, 1958)[1] is an American actor. He notably played the role of Richard Fish in the television series Ally McBeal. He portrayed Professor Warren King in the pilot episode of Eureka.

Life and career[edit]

Germann was born in Houston. The family moved to Lookout Mountain outside of Golden, Colorado. His mother, Marlene Marian (née Faulkner), was a homemaker, and his father, Edward A. Germann, was a playwright and professor.[1] Germann became a theater major at the University of Northern Colorado. He began acting in New York theatre including Biloxi Blues where he was the original understudy for star Matthew Broderick, Assassins, The Person I Once Was (opposite Holly Hunter) and War Games. He has had roles in numerous films and television shows, including Ned and Stacey. In 2006, he guest-starred in the series, Desperate Housewives.

Germann directed a few Ally McBeal episodes, including "Fear of Flirting" (season 5, episode 4). He appeared on ABC's In Case of Emergency as Sherman Yablonsky until it was canceled after one season and also in the pilot episode of Eureka as the director of operations, Warren King. He did not reprise the role, and his character's disappearance was explained in the official comic book as having been reassigned to Alaska.

Germann has appeared in NCIS since the Season 10 episode, "Shiva", playing NCIS Assistant Director Jerome Craig. Later, in the episode, "Canary",[2] he briefly took over the agency while the Director at the time was on temporary leave following a family tragedy.

Germann has appeared in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in the Season 14 episode, "Undercover Blue",[3] playing A.D.A. Derek Strauss .

Involvement in the Eureka universe[edit]


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Film, Television and Video Games
Year Title Function Role Notes
Billy Boy Actor Mr. Langdon Film (post-production)
2015 Get a Job Actor Fernando Film (completed)
2014 Quitters Actor Roger Film (completed)
2015 About a Boy Actor Johnny Idalis TV Series, 1 episode
2014 How to Get Away with Murder Actor Jared Keegan TV Series, 1 episode
2014 Atlas Shrugged: Part III Actor James Taggart Film
2013-2014 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Actor A.D.A. Derek Strauss TV Series, 3 episodes
2014 The Little Rascals Save the Day Actor Ray 'Big Ray' Kaye Video
2014 Blue Bloods Actor Dr. Michael Raskins TV Series, 1 episode
2014 Someone Marry Barry Actor Bill Film
2014 HR Actor Markus Teal TV Movie, Main Cast
2011-2013 Aim High Actor Vp Ockenhocker / Ockenhocker TV Series, 4 episodes
2013 NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service Actor NCIS Deputy Director Jerome Craig TV Series, 3 episodes
2010-2013 Raising Hope Actor Dale TV Series, 3 episodes
2013 The Gates Actor TV Movie, Main Cast
2012 The Unprofessional Actor Griffin TV Movie
2012 Wedding Band Actor Larry Pants TV Series, 1 episode
2012 Here Comes the Boom Actor Principal Betcher Film
2012 I'm Not Dead Yet Actor Len TV Movie
2012 Drop Dead Diva Actor Judge Zahn TV Series, 1 episode
2012 Common Law Actor Phil Kronish TV Series, 1 episode
2012 House of Lies Actor Greg Norbert TV Series, 6 episodes
2012 Mormons for President Actor Short
2012 Yahoo! News/Funny or Die GOP Presidential Online Internet Cyber Debate Actor Jon Huntsman Short
2011 Answers to Nothing Actor Mr. Beckworth Film
2011 Glenn Martin DDS Actor Various TV Series, 1 episode
2011 Fly Away Actor Tom Film
2011 Hawaii Five-0 Actor Robert Rovin TV Series, 1 episode
2010 Strange Brew Actor TV Movie
2010 The Santa Incident Actor Erickson TV Movie
2010 The Con Artist Actor Julien Film
2010 Group Sex Actor Reeves Video
2010 Medium Actor Dr. Alan Hahn TV Series, 1 episode
2009 Ghost Whisperer Actor Kirk Jansen TV Series, 1 episode
2009 CSI: NY Actor Voice / Grave Digger / Victor Benton TV Series, 1 episode
2009 The Cleaner Actor Ron Sayres TV Series, 1 episode
2009 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Actor George TV Series, 1 episode
2009 Spectacular! Actor Mr. Romano TV Movie
2008 Bolt Actor, voice The Agent Film
2008 Quarantine Actor Lawrence Film
2007 All I Want for Christmas Actor Roger Nelson TV Movie
2007 In Case of Emergency Actor Sherman Yablonsky TV Series, 13 episodes
2007 My Lunch with Larry Actor Larry Short, Main Cast
2006 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Actor Larry Dennit Jr. Film
2006 Eureka Actor Professor Warren King TV Series, 1 episode, Main Cast
2006 Kill Your Darlings Actor Stevens Film
2006 Friends with Money= Actor Matt Film
2006 Desperate Housewives Actor Jim Halverson TV Series, 1 episode
2005 Heart of the Beholder Actor Bob Harris Film
2005 Special Ed Actor David Film
2005 Crasylove Actor Dr. Emlee Film
2005 Self Medicated Actor Keith Film
2005 The Sandlot 2 Actor Mr. Goodfairer Video
2005 Down and Derby Actor Phil Davis Film
2005 Bigger Than the Sky Actor Roger Film
2005 Family Plan Actor Walcott TV Movie
2005 The Salon Actor Film
2004 Listen Up Actor Paul TV Series, 2 episodes
2004 Hair Show Actor Film
2003 The Bernie Mac Show Actor Marcus TV Series, 1 episode
2003 The Snobs Actor Carl Mallard TV Movie
2002 The Twilight Zone Actor Ben Baker TV Series, 1 episode
1997-2002 Ally McBeal Actor, Song performer, Director Richard Fish TV Series, 112 episode, main cast
2001 Joe Somebody Actor Jeremy Film
2001 Down to Earth Actor Sklar Film
2001 Sweet November Actor Vince Holland Film
2000 The Las Producer Actor Rueben Tallridge Film
1999 Ally Actor Richard Fish TV Series, 1 episode
1999 Jesus' Son Actor Dr. Shanis Film
1998 Pete's Garden Actor, Director Pete Short, Main Cast
1998 Remember WENN Actor Arden Sage TV Series, 1 episode
1997 Culture Actor Tim Stevens Short
1995-1997 Ned and Stacey Actor Eric 'Rico' Moyer / Eric "Rico" Moyer TV Series, 46 episodes
1994-1996 Ellen Actor Rick TV Series, 3 episodes
1994-1995 Sweet Justice Actor Andy Del Sarto TV Series, 22 episodes, Main Cast
1994 I.Q. Actor Bill Riley, Times Reporter (uncredited) Film
1994 Imaginary Crimes Actor Attorney Drew Film
1994 Clear and Present Danger Actor Petey Film
1994 Assault at West Point: The Court-Martial of Johnson Whittaker Actor Vernon Bailey TV Movie
1993 Bakersfield P.D. Actor Hood TV Series, 1 episode
1993 So I married an Axe Murderer Actor Concierge Film
1993 Taking the Heat Actor Asst. D.A. Kennedy TV Movie
1993 The Night We Never Met Actor Eddie Film
1993 L.A. Law Actor Larry Greenhut TV Series, 1 episode
1992 Yesterday Today Actor Dennis TV Movie
1991 Big and Mean Actor Film
1991 Rewrite for Murder Actor TV Movie
1991 Once Around Actor Jim Redstone Film
1990 Child's Play 2 Actor Mattson Film
1990 Against the Law Actor Fenstrom TV Series, 1 episode
1989-1990 Tour of Duty Actor Lt. Beller TV Series, 4 episodes
1990 Equal Justice Actor Merkle TV Series, 1 episode
1990 H.E.L.P. Actor Lacy TV Series, 1 episode
1989 Miami Vice Actor Johnny Raymond TV Series, 1 episode
1989 Miss Firecracker Actor Ronnie Wayne Film
1989 High Water Actor Waterman Film
1986 The Whoope Boys Actor Tipper Film
1985 ABC Afterschool Specials Actor Billy TV Series, 1 episode
1985 Streetwalkin' Actor Creepy Film


  • Germann's character, Warren King, only appeared in the pilot episode of Eureka. He didn't appear anymore, with no further explanation within the series.

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